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sad but beautiful at the same time.

pamela Peniston

Norman! At Last!! Welcome back!

Anyway--I think the diamonds probably had lovely marble facings as did most of the area around the door-some carved no doubt. I believe they probably had a stanchion at their center or top that held torches or lanterns to provide lighting for the water entry. I've got a lot of 19th century photographs of Venice--I'll see if I can find this entryway in any of them!

Anyway, it's good to have you back--I sadly, haven't been back to Venice since 05 and I'm always an off-season kind of gal, but I'm sad to hear about these changes.

When I finally get some dollars together, I'll check out those restaurants. And Cat-glad to hear you're blogging-I'll check yours out too!

Ciao PP. Time to return to Venezia for you.


I'd like to trace some 19th century photos of Venice. I have a book called "Venice in Old Photographs" by Dorothy Ritter, but many years ago I saw a book whose name and author I have forgotten, but it was in a limited edition of 250, and was of photographs of Venice taken before 1914 (WWI). If anybody knows of this book please let me know (bert4545@tiscali.co.uk)

Hmmm. Is this a book published recently, as in the last 50 years? Or is it an antique book? I have the Ritter book you mentioned. (Another interesting one is by Fulvio Roiter, Venezia 1891-2001. It contrasts then/now in photos taken from the exact same vantage point.)

When you say you want to "trace", are you trying to ID the locations in antique photos you have? If so, that's pretty easy. We could help there.



One of my favorites for 19th C. photos is def. Calle e Canali di Venezia by Ferdinando Ongania. You can sometimes find the quarto editions (usually incomplete, and more often, the French language versions) of this classic.

I'd love to know what pre-WWI book Albert is mentioning though; please post here if you do know of it!


Norman -

Been a while....Hope all is well with you.

Wondering what's going on in Venice today - April 25, 2008 - for the feast of St. Mark?


funny link: If London were like Venice:


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Venice looks amazing! I got more information here You guys should check it out.

A Hickson

Sorry for the delay in replying. My email address has changed - bert4545*btinternet.com. Change the * to @. I think this helps stop computers that trawl through the Web looking for email addresses.
I saw the book about 20 years ago. It had been published fairly recently, I believe. It certainly wasn't WWI vintage.

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Is this a doorway! I thought it was a backyard because of the design they made.

Deirdre G

Venice lover

hi Norman

This is a great blog. Last posting over 2 years ago??

Have you abandoned it?

Hope not.

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It appears that Venice spends most of its time primping tours. The city is a masterpiece of architecture. The Grand Canal palaces are simply stunning. Venice has been designed majestically.


Unexpected! :) Venice is absolutely wonderful...you will find everything! :)

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wow what a lovely venice room that door hides

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I remember romance anytime I see or read about Venice.

John Ridyard

Oh... Only in sunlit Venicia can decrepitation be so stunningly beautiful ... Venice I love you.

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Those are some impressive-looking holes there.

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Every body is dieing to see you again.. So if I were you, I will come back very soon.

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Bear in mind, this wasn't even close to high tide.

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Every body is dieing to see you again.. So if I were you, I will come back very soon.


How can you take such beautiful pictures? I love Venice. That is is a city of love. In Venice , there is no vehicles except boats . And of don't foget try to take a trip by Gondola. it is very intersting.

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