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Totally awesome! Welcome back!


Astonishing! Usually we can only see the entire picture by painting the scene- this is truly amazing and could make studio painting more "of the moment"..Pictures (digital) taken while in venice have left too much to inaccurate memory for studio work- Thanks for this awesome tip!


Is this the Palazzo Barbaro?

I wish!

See today's post.

Garry Platt

If when taking photographs you shoot in RAW then one photograph is suffecient in many cases to undertake HDR Tone mapping. The following web site explains the process: http://petemc.net/hdr-guide/

And this link provides some excellent advice on shooting HDR:


quite right, Garry. My experiments were using JPEGs. Most folks who are non pro would probably use JPEGs too. I'm getting ready to do it with RAW.

Venedig Blog

It's definitely not the Barbaro.

Garry Platt

I came across this concerning raw processing and tone blending.


Open a RAW picture and optimize the exposure for the sky, complete your RAW adjustments for exposure, sharpness, contrast, whatever you want from the RAW editor. When the picture drops into the full editor, make sure the color space mode is 8 bit and save it as "SKY." and close the file.

Open the same RAW original and use the "same as previous" setting in the raw editor for exposure. This will take you to where the last picture was. Now adjust the exposure for the ground. When you are happy drop into the full editor and change the color space mode to 8 bit. This will be the GROUND picture. You can save it with that name, but it is just one less step to just leave the file open.

Open the picture saved as SKY. Select all and copy. Close that file. Change back to the GROUND picture in the edior. Use Edit, Paste. You should now have two layers, in the same picture. One for the sky, one for the ground.

Now it is just as simple as erasing (I recommend a soft edged brush for blending) the top layer to show through what is on the bottom layer.

A better approach for the blending is to use a layer mask. Insert a levels adjustment layer between the GROUND and SKY layers. Select the top layer and use Layer, Group with Previous. Now select the levels adjustment layer again and paint on the levels mask with a black brush it will remove the top layer, paint with a white brush to put it back.

If you have questions, post back... Here's an example I put together for sharpening with a mask, much of the same principle applies. I used the layer mask to show the sharpened ram over the unsharpened background on the bottom layer.


That example shows two different ways to mask, the left layer set is masking with a blank layer, the right layer set is masking with a levels adjustment layer like I described for you.

Good Luck!

Oh, heres a link to a luminos landscapes aritcle on blending.

http://www.luminous-landscape.com/tutorials/digital-blending.shtml "


Norman, I'm delighted to learn about HDR and PhotoMatrix. Who knew that browsing a Venice blog would also augment my (amateur) photography knowledge!

tanti saluti,

tracie b

hey, nice house :)

Baldwin W Walker

I too would like to learn more about HDR.

mauro cordioli

Hi! if you like Venice HDR photos
that is one I have taken the 12ndJune2007

Steve C.

I'm very interested in geting more info concerning the place you rented. (The one you took the HDR photos of) Can you please tell me who to contact about renting it? Address? Price?


I'd also love to know the contact information on the beautiful apartment you rented.

Looks as though the company that rented it is out of business, alas.


Venice Travel Guide

Excellent information.

We are trying to gather something here


still needs a lot of work.


Thanks for your good website and for sharing your experiences.

Nora R

Found this via Google -- looks like the same apartment, but the photos are definitely not as beautiful as yours:

vibram five fingers

Here's another one, looking from the study onto the terrace

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My wife and I will be travelling to Venice this fall? Is the apartment you took the photographs in available for rent? Pointers would be appreciated, thx.

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Great photos. You captures the room entirely! I am hoping to know more about Venice, Well, i know how beautiful the city is. Cool blog!

- Nigel

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