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So the palazzo Barbaro was on the same side of the Canal, but on the other side of the entrance to the Acc. Bridge?

How did you find this place?
Let me get the details from Lori. I will reco the company that let the place.

Yep, P. Barbaro isin San Marco, on the CG, on the Franchetti side of the bridge, staring out at the Peggy Goog.


What a fabulous stay! I love the history you put forth.




Love the apartment. And would love the agents contact details!


I love this campo! Walking past the chiesa, away from the bridge, it becomes more and more charming. I sat and watched the kids get out of school, with their moms and siblings, and enjoyed a "real" Venetian experience.

Just found your blog (via Rue Rude) and am enjoying it. I am a two-time visitor and am planning #3 for 2007!

Nicole Mockler

This apartment looks fabulous. Could you please send me the details of the agent?

Many thanks,

gretchen  Effler

Hi, I just found this post. Am planning a trip to Venezia and would love to know from whom you booked this apartment. Thanks. -- Gretchen

Lucille Howe

Do you have an email address I can contact? i edit a travel magazine in London and have stumbled across your brilliant blog.
Lucille Howe
[email protected]


Nice post about Campo San Vidal! I always want to go there! :-)

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What a fabulous stay!

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Great post! I really liked the part where you talk about how It's got a chipper little garden. ;)

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painting by Canaletto below, you can see Campo San Vidal as it looked in the 18th century. Across the way, you can see the church of Santa Maria della Carità when it still had its campanile and before it was morphed into the Accademia di Belle Arti. The bridge would have to wait another hundred years or so. The site of the Cavalli-Franchetti, on the left, was filled by an older palace, remnants of which, I understand, are still behind
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Nice post about Campo San Vidal :-) I´ll try to visit it in the next few years...
best wishes from south croatia

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I think one of the best places to go in Venice is "The Bridge of Sighs." It is built to connect the Palazzo Ducale and Piombi. Doge Mario Grimani is the man who ordered the construction of the bridge. The foundation of the bridge was made from the stones that originated from Istria.

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I speculate, is the house we stayed in, with the missing loggia in tact.

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Almost paradise. The place is indeed historical.

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The bridge would have to wait another hundred years or so.

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