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Any report on the survival rate of these daredevils? How does Canal water taste in the summertime?
The papers say the water is "the cleanest it has been in decades", but it still has that sewage top note that is familiar in July.

all the divers survived. I saw one guy with an injured leg.


Great shots! Fabulous! Celebrate!
Penicilin for everyone!


Didn't Katherine Hepburn have a problem with her eyes the rest of her life after falling into a canal in Summertime?

I read that ... In fact I blogged about it a couple years ago.


After some of these photos,I'll have a problem with speedos for the rest of my life!


Marisa - I've heard that story too. Eye infections can be very difficult to get over.


N. We're all on tenterhooks here. Hurry up my friend!


I second that! Can't wait to hear and see all about it!


glad to see the fact that italy won by playing dirty didn't keep the venetians from celebrating!
*grumble, grumble*

-an expat american in paris who despite her italian heritage was rooting for her adopted country

Paul Parma

Isn't Ponte dei Pugni the small foot bridge by San barnaba where the produce barge usually moors for business? The same place Hepburn went in?? I finally got soccer this year.. What a beautiful sport!


hehe, i was there too :)

shawn price

I jumped off the rialto years ago, the locals looked at my friends and I as if we were crazy. good times.

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There was a crowd of about 300 people, including one group that was banging on a newstand with sticks

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