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I always bring back a few bottles on every trip to Italy. It's heavy but worth it. If I don't have to drag them on the plane, it will free me up to carry more shopping!!!!

Randy Becker

Yes! I saw the announcement too, (for some reason, on the day of the press release from SKYY I had a sense I should Google Aperol, which I did and found their hot-off-the-press announcdment) and have already asked my wine merchant to get me some.

Four years ago, in upstate New York, I was able to obtain a single bottle (which was all that was left from the former distributor, which I did not know) and was disappointed when I returned for more and was told "no more!"

My preferred drink of summer is back!


Norman -
The Bellini is on the rise in America as well. Cipriani has recently produced a gift pack with their prosecco and mix. Also, Canella's Bellini cocktail can be found through the Empson website. How about a post or comments on "creating a true Venetian cocktail party"?
Ineteresting idea. Let's see ... first take your garden hose and flood the the ground floor of your house about 10 centimeters or so ...


Ha! Next, do I add two parts garbage, one part gasoline or the other way around?
That's according to preference.


This has nothing to do with this post, but I thought I would just leave a note saying that I came across your site today and I think it's awesome. Your info is helpful, fun, and interesting! If you don't mind, I have linked you on my blog (http://rentvillas.blogspot.com). -Suzanne


I emailed a Skyy marketing rep about availability of Aperol (since it has not shown up on my store's shelves). Here is her reply:

Subject: Re: Aperol

Currently, it is launched in Northern California, NY and Boston. So it may be a shorter flight but you will still need your suitcase. Early 2007 is expected timing for Southern California.


sue hearn
I may start bootlegging on the back of a Vespa soon.

Randy Becker

Just bought my first bottle in the North End of Boston - oh, it is going to be a great summer.


FYI - Bought a bottle last week in Northern New Jersey.


The Royal Geographical Society in Britain has a debate in London next Monday evening, 12 June, on the question "Has enough money been spent saving Venice?"

Any Venetophiles who will be in London that day can book tickets on www.veniceinperil.org/news/news

Tickets a bit pricey - £20 - but the speakers are very distinguished.

Glyn Davies


To Mark, or whom it may concern: Which liquor store in Boston's North End sells Aperol? Just got back from Venice and now I, too, am addicted to the spritz!


But isn't it odd that there isn't a distributor for the small premixed bottles of CampariSoda here in the U.S. ?

I'm thirsty.


I am in New Jersey. Granted, there are many Italians in my area but I can get San Pellegrino San Bitter by the case from my local salumeria. A local Italian deli should be able to get some for you. Have you checked on line? Good Luck.

Marco Polo

Want a Bottle (or few) of Aperol ship to you in few days ? Go to http://melandrose.com/istar.asp?a=29&search=aperol&x=26&y=9

Katherine Drabek

I am a former resident of Venice and have spent years asking restaurateurs for it- from Germany to New York. No one had it. I was excited to read on your website that Skyy was distributing it. I phoned Skyy today and was told that it is no longer part of their portfolio. Back to dreaming of my much-missed Spritzs.


I saw Aperol in the store for about 6 months and then it was gone---I savor the last few drops I have that I dragged back from Italy.


If you are in Saratoga Springs New York stop by Limoncello Ristorante for a great Venetian Spritz.



I just checked the restaurant website but didn't see Prosecco or Aperol on the wine list. Are you saying that they have Aperol? If so, I am on the west coast of Canada but I will put the address on my list of places to go.

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I would love to taste it. This one looks really good.

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