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Last August, for the first time ever, our tickets were inspected on almost every vaporetto we boarded. Motonave too, and even on the land buses. A day ticket is still a good deal and I'm not a very good dancer anyway!
I'm not recommending the dance, mind you.


I've never been a dancer. Though when I was in Venice I saw many chance it. (not me!)



When I lived in Venice for a few months (summer of 2002) I had monthly passes, but never got checked once.

When I went back for a week last March (I saw the snow!), I had the three-day passes, and got checked a couple times. Maybe they've started to crack down?

Talk about leaving money on the table. It's SOOO easy to concieve of ironclad ways to collect revenue unfailingly on vaporettos. It's such a surmountable "problem".


electronic security systems

If they want to see how this device works.

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