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Hi! How lovely!! I'm curious... did the little ones draw the palazzi too?? (I'm totally jealous of their artistic ability!!)
It was a collaboration. Miles, well, he's 3 and he painted the water.
Natty's 5 and made the boats, poles, stuff like that, and helped a great deal with the buildings (I created stencil-like things to make it easier.) We did it SUPER fast, like an hour and a half or something, mostly waiting for the sky and water to dry so we could put 'em up.

Randy Becker

What a delightful idea - my "little ones" are now 24, 28, and in the eternal realm beyond age - and when I glimpse this I remember what it was like when they were this age.

If you will indulge me - when the middle one was 7, we spent a long time in Provence, France (Barbentane) and she grew a simple garden using kids gardening tools.

When I lived in Venezia in 2001 she visited and we went back to France. At the house we rented we accidentally met the, now retired, owner. He immediately recognized my daughter some 20 years later(!), and led us to the small annex to the house where her little gardening tools were still on their pegs. Many a heart-felt tear was shed that day.

So, blessings to you for giving your children the same kind of memories which will bless their days forever.
Great story Randy. Soulful. Thanks.


Wonderful art work and children. What a fabulous idea!


That is the cutest thing. I might make one up for myself!

I was in Venice for the first time last summer, when you all were.

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