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André-Pierre du Plessis

Would just like to congratulate you on the splendid blog. I worked at the Collezione Peggy Guggenheim and fell in love with Venezia. I'm from Citta del Capo in South Africa and miss the place so much that from now on I'll visit your blog daily. Its very informative and is just what one needs to get behind all the inside info on Venice. My most favourite post it the one on the 'Free Vaporetto Dance' - how true indeed. I used to pay vaporetto tickets daily and then I met someone living in Giudecca who taught me the dance.

john clarke

A request. I'm visiting Venice again next month, having fallen utterly for the place after my first visit 14 months go. This time however, I'm accompanied by my Vegan sister. Not being Vegan myself, do you know of anywhere cheap and cheerful that could feed a Scottish Vegan in Venice?

Love the blog by the way. The 360 pic of San Marco is gorgeous.

Boy, that's a tough one. I CAN tell you that supermarkets are plentiful, so possibly going the self-prepared route is an option.

Jeff Freedman

I am also vegan and visiting Venice. Trying to get information about housing and vegan dietary options in Venice. JF


The only vegetarian restaurants I've read about are Ristorante Vegetariano--L'Arca di Noe near the civic hospital and La Zucca in the Santa Croce section of town. Pick up the book "Cheap Eats in Italy" or "Great Eats in Italy"--she may have additional restaurants listed since the last time I bought it--she's gives good reviews and I haven't been disappointed with any of her suggestions.

Housing---I use aaahotels.net---great hotels at great prices.



Hi all! I would never guess that you can eat vegan in Venice without putting together your own meals. How did your trip go Jeff? Hey, feel free to send email if that works better for you.


PS: evodia@vegemail.com


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