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That is gorgeous! Thanks a lot. It makes me miss Venice so much.

I hope you can post more often, miss you!


Really beautiful.You are an excellent technician and artist. I'd love to have this image on a wall at home.


Respect! Being of a "certain age", why are some figures clear and some ghosted? Have to say that the colours are absolutely spot on. I too would love this image at home.

Because the camera turned so slowly, if a person didn't stay reasonably still for 3 seconds or so, they became ghosts. Venice is, of course, lousy with ghosts, so it seems fitting.


Great photo, Norman. Did you do it recently? That would mean you've been back!

Randy Becker

Five years ago tonight (Feb 1, 2001) I was headed to Venezia to live for six months. I have been back many times since, but this year can not . . . however, you have allowed me to go back with this photo. Thank you.


Amazing panorama shot! Great equiptment.



wow. Norman this photo rocks! All my Venetian starved friends (well, me too) are just salivating over this! Will you be making some smaller versions for sale for us who come to read you all the time?!!

You need to set up at the Dogana or perhaps on the Accademia bridge and get one like that.
Now I see where the kids get their obvious panorama skills!!
A few people have asked, so let me look into it. the dimensions are still pretty severe. At 12" high it's still 10 feet wide. 6" high is 5 feet high, etc.

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Amazing panorama shot! Great equiptment.

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