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What a delightful Christmas present,I was afraid I might run out of new Venice reading material. Since returning in September I've been obsessed with tuti Venetian. Am about halfway thru Berendt's story of the fire at La Fenice. Another interesting period piece by the great Italian writer, Umberto Eco, is Baudolino. Set a few centuries earlier, Baudolino is the tale of the career rise and fall of a young man on his way to the Crusades. Merry Merry, Everyone


I just ordered my copy on Amazon.com and they only had 4 copies left...can't wait to get it!

Menotti Passarella

Hi from S of Venice. I suggest to visit my blog: there is a Gull coming from the other side of the pond that return each winter in Riva degli Schiavoni and San Marco square to eat food offered by the people to the pigeons. It is a Ring-billed Gull, the only american gull in Italy presently ! Photo of the American gull with the Redentore church at its back !

dave crow

like what i've read, just discovered your 'blog' thanks Dave


what did you think of the courtesan book. i just finished it and found it more than moving. sincerely yours, peter h. dohan, md

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Antonio Ziani, a Venetian merchant and naval officer, as he tries to protect Venice and Christendom from the surging Ottoman Turk empire. What makes the book work is the way it transports the reader … to the smoky deck of a Venetian warship as it rams a Turkish galley at full speed … to the disbelieving chaos in the walls of Constantinople as Muhammad II’s army fatally punctures the city’s defenses … inside the Palazzo Ducale and into the chambers of the Great Council where
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I've been reading The Lion of St. Mark’s and I think it's a good book 100% happy with the reading line and I guess we can't ignore its legacy. 23jj

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