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Glad to see it returning to some kind of normality, alas without the webcams which will be a big miss on New Year's Eve for those of us stuck in a very cold and snowy UK


The cams seem to be up today!!!


At least one of the webcams is up today---I hope the others willfollow soon.


Well, at least 3 of the cams are up today. They're not just static images now as they are refreshing regularly. Sorry about jumping the gun in that earlier post! I guess I let my excitement get the better of me! Hope it's not just some sort of test or I'll have to eat my words again.


Hi, love the blog! Someone has tried to syndicate your blog's feed at LiveJournal:


which I tried to sign up for (I do my RSS aggregating through LJ), but it's not working! Apparently the feed is "too big". Is there any way you could limit the number of posts on the feed? I'd love to be able to check for blog updates through LJ!

let me look at it .... can't be too tough.


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