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I know what you mean, I've watched a number of movies just simply to catch a glimpse of the city (eg. The Italian Job). But I think the best I've seen is probably A Little Romance. Only the last part actually takes place in Venice, but the movie is good and the lead up to Venice as the main destination is fun and has an innocence about it that just makes for a nice movie to watch. Laurence Olivier is just great too.

Pane e tulipani (Bread and Tulips) is nice as well, full of Venice, but avoids all of the major Venetian attractions, as I recall. It makes for a pleasant film, going through the back streets of her area, but it's difficult to recognize where they actually are.

Also, Summertime with Katherine Hepburn is decent, though very dated, but has plenty of Venice.

And we can't forget the brief, fun scenes of Venice in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Ah, Venice.



i think a very nice one, showing a true and lively venezia of the sixties, is the first movie of Tinto Brass "Chi lavora è perduto"..

I'd LOVE to see it, but I checked around and it doesn't seem to be available here or in Italy in DVD/VHS. I only saw a pirated version mentioned on a message board (DIVX taped from TV).



When I need a fix, I watch Summertime. Even though that is not the Venice I know and Katharine Hepburn plays a totally freak too well, I still love the movie (almost as much for the camp value as the scenery.)

Have you seen Merchant of Venice yet, Norman? It really captures Venetian winter well - those foggy days that chill you in your bones. I didn't think I would like it (Al Pacino? had a hard time with that) but I enjoyed it.

Don't Look Now is another good one, with the same sinister weirdness that Comfort of Strangers has. I also liked Pane e Tulipani and I can tell you exactly where that was filmed - in the new, modern housing near the Celestia vaporetto stop, and around Campo Santa Maria Nova.

Paul Parma

I just saw anther Visconti flick set in Venice, "A Death in Venice". It has a lot of recognizable views, in fact it seems to use literally brighter vistas of Venice to contrast with the darkness within the protagonist. Venice has historically been a place for non-Venetians to die (John Law, Byron?); maybe like with this movie's main character, people seek a rejuvination by Venice's beauty and agelessness. Lots of shots at the Lido(i?) beaches in this one. Even with all the beautiful shots, this movie's theme is so dark it was depressing, so beware; part of this darkeness is connected with a sexual lust for an adolescent boy throughout the movie by the otherwise seeming hetro man, so again beware. Senso seemed visually dark (with a bit of a dark plot as well) to me, though maybe my visual memory is clouded by the story. And Visconti choreographs almost everything in both movies to music.. there worth checking out for this alone.
My own death fantasy is to die happily as a eldery man while rowing to a vini shop (in Venice) with my by then grown up son, he in the 'in charge' poppe position, me in the lesser prua one. The only musical score is what Venice lend's at that place and time... which is usually a robust and lively tune. Maybe a lot of us Venice Blog readers wish to die in Venice.


There is a very bad, sappy movie called "Chasing Liberty" about the secret service chasing the president's daughter around Europe. About a third of the way into the movie, they wind up in Venice. They run through alleys and you could probably recognize many locations--not just Piazza San Marco. It has nice aerial and sunrise shots, too. Believe me---skip the content.
Actually, the list of bad, sappy movies with nice cinematography of Venice is easier to make than the list of good Venice-based films.

See, for example, A Secret Affair, "starring" Janine Turner.

Or Just Married, with Ashton Kutcher and Brittney Murphy.


Robert Thompson

My favourite Venice film, without doubt is “Don’t look now” (N. Roeg, 1973). Others have already mentioned Summertime and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I like the fact that the location where Katherine Hepburn fell into the canal 1955 is the same as where Harrison Ford emerges from the sewers in 1989 - Campo San Barnaba. Proof indeed of how little venice changes. Apparently this Campo is also used for a scene in the 2003 remake of “The Italian Job” too.
They are remaking Don't Look Now in the next year, according to Variety. An uber-creepy movie, and one I've seen at least 3 times.


I like a French film called 'Lundi Matin' (Monday Morning) in which the leading character, a failed artist, turns his back on his boring factory job and his drab French village and goes off to visit his old friend who lives in Venice. You see the real Venice of ordinary residents, more shabby and quirky than glamorous. But there's a magic scene where they climb up ladders to a rooftop and look out over the roofs of Venice...
Alas, only available in PAL out of Europe. Sounds great.


I am so there with Summertime! Ya gotta love that you can erase the tourists and everything looks the same in Campo San Barnaba!

Also, Pane e Tulipani, much mentioned, is one of my favorite and totally charming Venice flicks.

I believe The Talented Mr. Ripley also spent time offing some folks there.

The bizarre quality of Dangerous Beauty--filmed on sets--made me nuts! OK, so you don't want people falling into the canal...still eeyew.

If you visit IMDB and follow this link, http://us.imdb.com/List?endings=on&&locations=Venice,+Veneto,+Italy it will show you 305 movies and TV shows filmed in Venice. If you visit the basic Italy search, it will give you the breakdown by region, province and city for every movie in their database--they have 3405 listed and an additional 3205 that are possibles for Italy.
That IMDB trick is good, I've tried it.

I'm gonna rent Dangerous Beauty (after I check with Lori to see if I've already seen it).


Yes, "Dangerous Beauty" is odd with most (all?...I haven't watched this for a long time) scenes filmed on sets (sad), but it is still a wonderful film...don't be scared off. Would have been improved by being actually filmed in Venice...

Ahhh..."Indiana Jones"...where do you think the catacombs of Venice actually ARE??? Or the sewers, for that matter?


Only You, from the early 1990s, starring Robert Downey Jr and Marisa Tomei has some great views of Venice at the beginning...Canal Grande, Lord Byron's historical plaque on the Palazzo Mocenigo...however, if you see this movie, you'll notice that it doesn't make sense, as the characters are taking a water taxi from the airport and pass the Palazzo Mocenigo, then disembark at the Hotel Danieli...anyone who knows venice knows you would only go in that direction down the Grand Canal if you had entered Venice at Piazzale Roma, not the airport. Anyway, this movie is great for a quick fix of Italy if you're stuck in the states and jonesing a momentary glimpse of la dolce vita italiana.


If you haven't seen Casanova, do. Venice is the star. A fun romp with tantalizing characters and the best Venice fix outside of Italy. I did have the good fortune to be there a couple days last week. My first winter visit. Freezing cold. Slept under my fur one night. But I felt like a Venetian instead of a visitor. Stayed near Ferrovia to test catching an early morning flight for a business trip. No problem. Caught the bus from Piazale Roma to the aeropuerta and had time for coffee. Ciao.


sens'altro "Death in venice"... the way Visconti filmed the city is amazing.Do you know the fantastic book "l'immagine e il mito di Venezia nel Cinema, a cura di Roberto ellero : un elenco molto completo del cinema fatto a o su Venezia ?


I'm with Shannon- Casanova with Heath Ledger is perfect for a Venice fix. It's certainly not the most complex film ever made but the interior shots and backgrounds can't be beat! It also doesn't mirror Casanova's life much (according to his memoirs..)but hey, those of us stuck in the states do what we gotta do to see our beloved city.

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the best movie ever had a scene in venice is Indiana Jones of course! furthermore, many action films use Venice as a dramaic urban location


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