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James Joyce

The croissants can be utterly delicious. The ones I had for a week were. It depends where you get them - try different places. If you tire of apricot, try con crema (custard - it is always delicious.

As for the ubiquitious apricot jam itself, it's like bagels and cream cheese: i.e. it is the local favorite and let it go at that.


The Hotel Kette in Venice has wonderful croissants--warm and flakey--and no apricot jam. But what do I do--I put apricot jam on it. Go figure.


I noticed this too! I can remember complaining a lot about it, especially after visiting Vienna and realizing they only seem to eat pastries with apricot marmalade too! Both places, and the jam is always on the inside. What, no Smuckers?


The apricot jam in my every one of my Venitian croissants was gaggy sweet. They would have been so much better sans jam.


Maybe the Austrians did not stay in town long enough to perfect the croissant-making, or, they only brought road engineers..??



There are just things like that. For example, toilet paper in France is always pink. Why? No one knows. It just is.
I believe everything can be explained. I picture a secret marmalade cabal, attended in the dead of night, perhaps on the island of Poveglia. Mob backed apricot farmers!



Er...I like apricot jam!


Spectacular comments all!

I did find some semplice or vuoto (empty) croissants at a tiny place in Cannareggio. We went back there for primacolazione for that reason!

I like apricot jam, but come on! I love the secret Albicocca Cabal idea!


Viva il Abicocco Cabal ! Anyway you can find some bars and coffe houses wher a nice cornetto is served. There is a baker near Zanipolo where the croissants are oversized and free from jam ! When you go to Naples you'll find that any brioche or cornetto is served with... Nutella ! Try also the little bar in La Toletta i think the pastries are from Rosasalva.While we're talking about cornetti brioches and croissants, have a glance on my blog :


This is one thing I remember from my years in Venice, the ubiquitous apricot jam! The everpresent smell of cappucino and apricot in the AM. Give me a foccaccia genovese anyday!

The Date Freak :-)

It may have something to do with the old Austrian empire, where apricot jam was - still is (throughout its former territories) - the traditional stuffing of pastries (cf. the Sacher chocolate cake).N.
I like the theory!

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