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I love Venice, I love your blog, it makes me miss la Serenissimma so much....thanks! you will permit ze leetle correction, non? It's GIU decca, not GUI decca (which would be pronounced with a hard G). Più bella, quoi!
How mortifying, up there in the title of the post and everything. So I did a global search through the whole weblog, and found only one other such spasm (out of 180 CORRECT spellings ... good boy). I felt so dirty, but I am now clean. All fixed.

By the way, it's "La Serenissima", not "Serenissimma".



Awesome song Norman! How did your neighbors feel about your projects? :)

Except for blowing the harp, it was all headphones the clattering of keys. The guy next door was a trombone snorer, so he had no right to complain.



Serenissima, I mean...pride goeth before a fall! Next time I'll check on Google too!


Excellent work! That was one of the better mash-ups I've ever heard.



OK, admittedly I'm a dawg for the blues--must've been those first visits to the Apollo and blues clubs in NYC, then practically a residency at the Checkerboard Lounge in Chicago during college, and finally hanging out at the late John Lee Hooker's club here in San Francisco--but this sounds great! With your permission, it's going in the iPod!

It's interesting--I have some great blues pals in Italy: mostly Spoleto and Ravenna. Some of the most fun I've ever had is translating blues lyrics into Italian. Boy, does that tax the non-fluent speaker!
One night, in bed at my apartment, I heard someone attempting a Leadbelly tune at some kind of party. So I brought some harps and crashed it. All blues. Lots of musicians and people ... a piano ... guitars ... and I switched around instruments. I felt like a God. The real American playing real blues. They wouldn't leave me alone!

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