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I am selfish too, Norman. I lived on Calle della Testa, just over the bridge from SS. Giovanni & Paolo, and the entire time the scuola San Marco was being restored. There are so many paintings of that building, and here I was, living across the street, and I couldn't even see it! On my last trip I was staying up the street on Barbaria delle Tole, and passed by the Colleoni every day. "What can they be doing in there" I thought every time, "that could take so long?"
A two year long or more blemish.

The Scuola looks fantastic now, and I am happy they restored it; and, of course, I have lived to see the result. Still, I'll always remember those inner wails of "why, why can't I see?"


Norman -

How long has the clock tower been covered in St. Mark's square? 8 years?

- k
something like that


The last covering is supposed to be the Empire State Building---then it will be done--we hope!!


Is the restoration complete yet? I'm going back to Venice for my honeymoon shortly, and I've been promising my husband an eyeful of this hilarious sculpture.
Last I heard (like a month ago), it was still under wraps.

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Colleoni commands Campo SS. Giovanni e Paolo with an inscrutable power, his stern, intelligent eyes cast almost sadly downward toward some unseen field of victory. Even beauty-inured Venetians will often stop at the feet of Verrocchio’s masterpiece for a few moments, a place too splendid to pass in blind routine.

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