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I was there when they were filming and loved seeing Venice as it might have been during that period. I'm sure I will never again see anything remotely like it.

It's too bad that they only paid that much, but I have to wonder what the behemoth cruise liners pay to go past the Guidecca. They are the ridiculous to Casanova's sublime.
I've read an argument in the papers that suggests the $90M is irrelevant given the tremendous amount of money the production pumped into the general Venetian economy. I'm sure LA or NY doesn't feast on fees from production companies. Many communities and states actually subsidize production costs to bring the commerce in.


Alas I didn't get to see Casanova, long queues and over-priced tickets (35 euros)put me off - could have seen another film in the open air of Campo San Polo but it wasn't a film that grabbed me. Besides the BBC did a drama version of Casanova recently (some scenes were shot in Dubrovnik :-s)with Peter O'Toole which eas great - based on his diaries.


I'm a bit disappointed in you... surely you don't subscribe to the stupid "red state/blue state" thing?

You know, I suppose a lot of dopey, divisive things have been said about the reds and the blues. And, for what it's worth, I think that's a shame. At times, it seems like two frathouses or rival soccer clubs or something. The Red/Blue paradigm is a stereotype for SOME non-thinkers who inject their preexisiting biases into a convenient shell.

But there are actually some rather pronounced differences between the Bush and Kerry states that in some ways serve as a handy, if crude, way of characterizing the cultural divide in this country.

See http://www.zogby.com/news/ReadNews.dbm?ID=775, for example. This is a statistically sound survey of behaviors, beliefs and attitudes of the residents of the two different geographic classes. In this sense, I referred in my post to those folks for whom graphic sexual content would have been a problem. And I assure you, that opinion would fall out along red/blue lines.

But I'll grant you this. I'll give some thought to whether I want to use the phrase in the future. On reflection, I think its meaning may have been contaminated by people who have intentions other than mine.

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