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Jacqueline Cundiff

If you are as superannuated as we are and want to hold the printed page in your hand, you can pick up a free copy of Leo in hotels and tourist kiosks. You can also have it sent to you by taking out a subscription. We go to the APT once a year, pay E25.00 in cash, and Leo arrives in our mail box at home in Washington DC, albeit about 6 weeks after publication. The printed copy includes "Bussola," a very ample calendar of events. Leo deserves an award for its careful editing and compilation.


Norman -

I found some more webcams for you.


- Kurt
I know about those ... they often don't work. I suppose I should add them since I do claim "all the known webcams in Venice". I've been a bit passive aggressive, as Thom Price ("The American Gondolier") never answered my bloody email to him.


I went to the squero with my family on our last trip to Venice in February. Unfortunately, Thom wasn't there to give us the tour but one of his associates, a German named Mathias gave us a wonderful tour that lasted more than an hour. He also had a gondola he was working on for his master project, so he was able to show us the exact way they are constructed. It was really a wonderful highlight of our trip and I recommend it. It's not free but worth it.


Norman -

You go to the 'APT' once a year? What is that?

I picked up a copy last fall and would love to get a subscription delivered to NJ.

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