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Essential reading Norman, even for us lowly souls in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, England.


Northern New Jersey Educators for Venice!


Darn, you beat me to it! I was thinking about doing a similiar posting on my blog. But I'll forgive you because I love your Venice blog. In fact, it was the inspiration to start my own. I'm so happy when I check in here and find a new posting. I always learn something new about my favorite city on earth. Thanks!


I'm not on the list but here I am writing to you from Olympia, WA. My friend and I are visiting Venice Oct. 14-19!

Hugh Mulholland

Hi, I am a frequent visitor to your site, I visit Venice often and am commissioner for Northern Ireland's first participation in the Venice Biennale. Our exhibition is located at ISTITUTO PROVINCIAL PER L’INFANZIA ‘Santa Maria Della Pietá. We are also running a series of live events between 6th-11th October, if any of your readers are visiting Venice during this time they are very welcome to attend they can get information my contacting me at hugh@obgonline.net. Keep up the good work on the site.


This is beginning to have the feel of a Norman conducting a Veniceblog gathering in Venice!



I have discovered your blog not so long ago, but I enjoy reading it very much and I come back frequently. I'm from Hungary and I have been to Venice two times - unfortunately only for one day each time.

I like the sea, the Mediterranean culture, architecture, the touch of Renessaince (sp), the people - everything.

When I read your blog I feel a bit as of being a part of Venice's everyday life. Thank you!

barry shears

What is Venice like at Christmas? Not for researching but just walking and looking at pictures, etc. Advice and counsel will be much appreciated
I've been there a few times at Christmas, and absolutely loved it. In fact, I should go there this year at Christmas ... let me negotiate with my wife. I love it because the city returns to the Venetians ... tourism is lower ... there are wonderful events in churches ...music ... there's Christmas market in Campo San Maurizio ... stay around for New Years, with fireworks on the Bacino.



I will be in Venice in November for a week and I am counting the days. I look in on the city every day to see the sunrise, the color. I have been there several times in the summer, and have always wanted to be there in winter. Your experiences and information and links and photos are wonderful. There is something so very special about Venice. Is it perhaps a going home for those of us who love it so?


Hello there!

I'm one of your lurkers and I just wanted to say hi. I'm not on your list but that's cool.

I visited Venice a four years ago for my birthday. It was beautiful and I look forward to returning soon.


Greetings from Paris! I'm researching a novel set in present-day Venice and am finding your site to be extremely helpful. I'll be heading there in July and would love any and all tips you can provide on the Dorsoduro area...

And if you feel like reading about a New Yorker's view of Paris, come on by my blog!

A bientot!

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