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As someone who is half Venetian and spent most of my summers in Venice with family, I can remember swimming in the Grand Canal and others although my mother is mortified when I recall events such as these insisting it never happened, the only thing being she wasn't there it used to be when I went off for the afternoon while they were sleeping, mind you it was nearly forty years ago !!


We saw several kids using the Vap stop as a diving platform when we were on the little island that is attached to Burano by bridge.

btw, if you ever want total peace while in the lagoon, go to that island, walk around the perimeter to the Tratoria Madelene: No sound but the sound of wildlife, no one else in the tratoria, until 5 school kids arrive to wait for their vap (then you get the diving exhibition) and until the 5 old geezers show up. Sometimes a little quiet is the best.
I've done it ... it's called Mazzorbo. I agree fully. Haven't been to Magelene, but will snoop it next time.

The water's different when you get away from the historic center of Venice. The sewage is less of an issue. You've probably noticed that people swim at the mouth of the Lido Porto, off Sant' Erasmo. They jump off their boats there .... it's called the Bacon, accent over the "a" if memory serves me. It's close to the sea and gets "washed" by the tide, and the islands over there are essentially low-pop agricultural, so, again, the sewage issue is less malignant.



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