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Norman, have you ever been to the Communist festa that occurs at the same time as the Film Festival? Now THAT is a good time. Anyone heading in for the Film Festival - see if the festa is happening. Unless things have changed, it is in the Erberia area near the fish market. Fried seafood, cheap wine, cover bands on the Grand Canal... AWESOME. It goes for several days.
It's SO funny you should say that. I haven't been to that one, but I went to one in Aquilea (I was on a two week solo sojourn from Venice to Grado in my boat) that kicked ass. Those commies really know how to party.

(Aquilea is amazing by the way ... the museum and the mosaics in the cathedral are beyond sublime).


I'm in town than and would love to see that - is it realy easy to get tickets?? Flying inon the 30th Aug for a week


i was at the venice film fest unfortuently missed cassanover but got somegreat footage of heath and jerermy they are fantastic people :)


Can you buy a pass for the whole week of the flim festival and is it possible to do it online? Birthday present for a friend moving to Venice iN august.


Not sure about that. I kinda doubt it, since tickets are sold for individual showings ... it would cause chaos if all the pass holders showed up for the same movie that individual buyers had sold-out. See what I mean?

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