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Terry Prebble

Only realised after about half an hour it was 1st April.

Terry Prebble


What a hoot!
Thanks so much for your site. I only found it a little while ago and have been lurking ever since. We go to Venice almost every year and will be there next week. We are taking our 14 year old granddaughter on her first trip and will take her to the site of the new hotel. I was wondering if they have made any announcements about the restaurant venus.


C'mon Norman -
Is this an April Fool's joke?
This is terrible!


haha at first I thought this was an article from The Onion, then looked at the date...



Here I am, reading your "Vegas in Venetia" post a couple of days off April first . My mouth drawn open with disgust and disbelief. (I wondered why you did not have a comment or an opinion about this hypothetical situation. Wheeeweee! Thank Goodness it isn't true. (yet) ;0)

Dankaz, Norm,


David Hunter

Got the joke immediately but well done!...In this world who knows?


Bugger, I was took in hook, line and sinker and was all set to vent my spleen in this little box. Thank heavans it was a spoof. KP

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