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Well, if they use any of your material, let's hope the least you get is a credit, either screenwise or a fiscal one into your bank account.
I'm all over it baby.

Credits are a bitch, this I know from other experiences. But they are good folks and will slip me a little something if they use my noise.


WOW, that sounds really interesting!

I have a site about the director running, and I'd love to hear more about the movie and how your soundclips get included.

I am going to write you an email (again).

Great work!


Just found your blog: I returned from Italy a few weeks ago and fell in love with Venice my first minutes in the city. Admittedly, the weather was great and I got to see the city at its best -- no rats, no acqua alta, etc.

In answer to your question as to why period films always use English accents: most Americans became aware of ancient Rome due to the miniseries I, Claudius, with Derek Jacobi and a slew of other British actors. This (as well as Richard Burton and Liz Taylor in Cleopatra) has led to the idea that everyone in the past spoke English, and with a British accent -- usually a cultured upper-class one.

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