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Way too cool! My congratulations on being one of the most interesting blogs I follow (and that's not just because your subject is Venice!). I look forward to your series.


What a great effect. KP


Great site and very informative.
Just wondering: where is the MOSE project at?
Has it been approved? Has building started? Am I dreaming in color?


The budget is approved and they are cranking away at it. Last I heard, they were extending breakwaters into the Adriatic to create a calmer entrance to the three "doors" to the lagoon. Huge, long rock piles .. they also absorb some of the fury of storms. Once that's done, they begin the seabottom prep for the gates themselves. I have to check on the latest supoosewd completion date. I'm sure whatever the date is, it is off byt a couple years or so.

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