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Very strange. I wanna see the boats hanging.

How terrible for our sweet water ways of Venice.

What's going on?


How about some pics?
Alas, I'm not on the scene. If anyone in Venezia has photos, please send them and I'll post.

BTW, your IP address tells me you're in Brazil and you come by frequently. Whereabouts? Drop me a line.


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Ancient mass graves containing more than 1,500 victims of the bubonic plague have been discovered on a small island in Italy's Venetian Lagoon.

The island is believed to be the world's first lazaret—a quarantine colony intended to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
The lazaret was opened during the plague outbreaks that decimated Venice, as well as much of Europe, throughout the 15th and 16th centuries A.D.

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What would happen if all the water in the world was polluted or if one country owned it all

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Foundations of a number of palazzi were clearly visible on the Canal Grande, while in some of the smaller canals inside the city, boats literally hung from their mooring posts in the mud.

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