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Great reconstruction.

Sorry you weren't the winner for the ebay auction.

Great post!



Great Photo; and one of many?! First thing that jumped out at me was how the water was like glass. The boat seems to sit in the Canale Guidecca. Even though its really big it presently has a continous pattern of two foot standing raves due to motor boat traffic. My Venetian style rowing instructor would take me across the Canale Guidecca every morning in an old gondola to the less troubled back, lido side of the island of Guidecca where there was almost no motor boat traffic. As he crossed it with me as useless dead-weight he would say, "Every time I cross this, its an adventure!" And every time I went with him it was! You really feel the waves in a flat bottomed Venetian lagoon boat, even a 36-foot gondola. You feel the strength of the boat but wonder if it wasn't designed for another environment. The picture here shows that the environment has changed.

II'm inclined to think that the glass effect is in part due to the long exposure time that was needed for shots like that in 1896 or so. Could have been a second or more.



What are the ladder-like strings strung from the three masts? Are the masts on the boat or booms on the dock? Or are they booms on the boat for nets?

Note the oar lock midship. All sailed Venetian craft had oarlock; ALL boat craft had oar locks, so this doesn't mean its not a sailed boat.
I love that oar lock ... so beautiful. Let me try to figure out the strings.
OK, back after looking. 99% sure those are nets ... the ladder like strings, that is. You see em everywhere today still. If the ship is that big, it's got to sail as well as row, doesn't it? So I'd go with the idea of the mast doing double duty as a net dryer when in port.


Geee...I wonder if I'm the one who beat you out on some of the page sales!! I've been collecting pages from this book for the last two/three years! It started with an ebay seller friend, Scott Swanson, who alerted me to the book he found in pieces at a sale in Boston!

You can find some nearly full versions on Abebooks, but they are almost always a minimum of $1800.

I did get Ongania's book on the Wellheads (pozzi) in Venice. And also one on the decorative arts. Some great photos.

If you get a chance to scan any of the shots, please do. I'll post em in a heartbeat. I've got another photo post coming soon ... somewhat obscure.

Alcott, Pat

I found this site while researching my prints from Calli e Canali. I just put 4 prints of Venice from Calli e Canali on Ebay. They came in the 4 decorated frames i also have for sale. They had glass with mirrored edges which were too worn and i had to throw the glass away, so i'm selling each print separately and the frames separately as one lot. These prints look like hand colored lithos. They are nice.
These were found at an auction here in Maine. Please look under "mainecountry" for my listings on Ebay. Just thought you might be interested. Thanks!!

Doug wright

I found this site while searching for info on Ferdinando Ongania. I'm a collector of hand painted photographs and happen to have two of his photo's that are wonderfully hand coloured. I would like to talk to anyone about Ongania's work, so if there is someone out there interested in sharing information that would be great.

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