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Excellent article. I never knew...

Look forward to your further entries on this subject.


The Hackensack Riverkeeper gives tours of the NJ Meadowlands. Bill Sheehan, the riverkeeper, gives eco-cruises that go along a seven-mile stretch of the river. It's a totally amazing view of the Meadowlands (and Sheehan is as expert as he is entertaining). The cruise also goes into Sawmill Creek--a bird sanctuary. Who would believe all this is so close to NYC. Visit www.hackensackriverkeeper.org/ecocruise.html for more info. You'll really think you're in the Venetian lagoons.


All you need are the 'bricole'...

Paul Parma

There was an article on the Meadowlands a few years back in the National Geographic and of course they brought their immense photographic power to bear (sp?) to the subject. 'Looked like the marshes of my youth in Port Arthur Texas, next to Louisiana. And made me think of Gondolas or at least Venetain lagoon boats.

Not only does the Iraq wetlands story remind me of how fragile nature is, it reminds me of how robust nature is and how life will most probably go on even if we kill ourselves off (possibly by killing earth's wetlands)... we didn't really need you around anyway human.... just tourist mucking it up, thinking they own the place...the metaphors are endless aren't they...
It's a dichotomy, isn't it? On one hand these ecosystems are like fragile china teacups, on the other hand, they exhibit amazing resiliency. Remember, though, that at best, they think 30% of the Iraqi marshes will ever come back. A miracle, yes. But we lost 70%.

carol gilley

I love Austin Parlett so remember me and my lovely HUSBAND are going to go to Europe!!! And...nevermind that lol

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