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Norman -

This brings me back to.....last weekend!
What a great trip. Thanks for the info. A few great lunches and dinners as well as Turner and Venice! Such an overwhelming exhibit. Too many drawings to be seen in 3 visits, never mind one.
I highly recommend the Hotel Galleria on the Accademia. I also encourage your reads to look at www.vaporettovenice.com. We are going to try them next summer -
I think you realize this, but the Castello cam appears to be hosted by vaporettovenice.com. I know nothing about them, but if anyone has a reco, lemmee know.


I met with the owner of the company at the Danieli on Saturday and he was very straightforward with me. I would be interested in any further input. I am looking forward to doing business with him.

Marisa Pellegrini-Peoples

The bridge shown in the newly found webcam looks like the Ponte Cappello or the Ponte Cl.d.Diavolo. Both are in Castello. My feeling it's the Ponte Cappello.


sta web cam xe visin san lorenzo andando verso barbaria de le toe

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