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So Norman -
Are saying that Jen and I should buy boots before we go?
Thanks for the heads up!

Bailey Zimmerman

Norman & Lorraine,
Thanks for your terrific BLOG.....more info than is available in other reports!!
I'm leaving for Venezia/Murano on the 12th November...staying for a couple of weeks....is there anything that I can pick up for you??? (on the smallish size...I pack lightly)
Once again thanks for the great site!!

Hey thanks, Bailey. Well, I can't really think of anything. I'm sure I'll kick myself for that later. Surprise me! Or take pix of strange Venetian things I can post.

HAve fun.


lee and rich

we just came back from the fantastic venice on friday night, friday morning the tide in venice was high, it was exciting, some people would say ' to see venice under water is a sight to see' it's a shame we missed it

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