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they should get a life! what a bunch of old male farts! Women always enhance the workplace, it's called ballance


I don't think I'll lose much ssleep if Alexandra Hai never gets her gondolier's license but I am impressed that she is so determined.

I do want to point out that even women have gonads...we call them ovaries. Perhaps you meant to say that the physical attribute that Alexandra lacked was nads, stones, balls, testicles, goolies, etc...oh you guys have so many names for them.

alan spencer

Saw a story about Alexandra in Easy jet mag, I go to Venice often, there again in July, I am a photographer with work in a Venice gallery, I was looking forward to being a gondola customer and meeting Venice's 1st female gondolier, but thwarted by male chauvinists, scandalous, I still hope to meet her.,Alan Spencer
I'll be there in July shooting with a Canon 5D and a Seitz Roundshot, mainly. Let's have a coffee.



as a true (female) venetian, i agree that females should not lead a gondola. full stop.
it's a tradition. and it doesn't harm anyone. i don't really see the point. much publicised efforts from this foreign(!!)girl are just a way to remedy her hopeless frustration. get a life. pleeease.
And i don't really see how allowing this girl to wander canals can do domething for improving women equality.
Hmmm. I'm not taking the bait. Thanks for your opinion.
It seems, though, that women are not actually being excluded, at least formally. It's just that no woman has yet passed the test.


Thank goodness she failed! I do not go to Venice to see German transplants who fight to change other culture's traditions against their will. Oar on Gondoliers! Keep the intruders out!
Foreign born gondoliers have existed for decades, possibly longer. It's the fact that she's a woman, not a German, that is causing the stir. A Venetian woman would cause the same drama.


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