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Fascinating. Thank you for the report. You are my favorite source for information about one of my favorite cities!

Hey thanks!



Mine too, watching this story with interest. Have booked for the regatta next year already...and I still must write you a story on my Murano meanderings...


Past history of gondoliers if I have my history correct is that they strike at the drop of a hat, so this more in their face reaction, which may have been due to preconditioning by the gondoliers historic over reactions, will lead to further action by the gondoliers. well, we'll see.
Although gondola flotillas in many of the canals could be disruptive, I have fond memories of such floating below our hotel on an otherwise quiet canal. Surreal really, the poor quality of the music only highlights the power of the beauty of the gondola and Venice's nearly hidden canals and their wonderful, sometimes trancendent accoustics. Its wonderful in spite of the tackiness. Paul


To this day I develop hives at the sound of 'Santa Lucia'...
I'm surprised you didn't post the news item that appeared a few weeks ago. Apparently gondoliers will have to undergo surprise breathalyzer tests...
There's a ton of gondolier news ... they just blocked the Canal Grande, for instance ... I saw the breathalizer thing too ... I catch 95% of what trickles into the mainstream media.

What kinda bugs me is that, to the English speaking media, it sometimes seems the gondola IS Venice. They overreport anything to do with it. So it gets outsized importance. If I start posting on every gondola-related story, we'll have to call this thing Gondolablog. I have mixed feelings about about 'em ... I love the tradition/history, and find them beautiful .... I hate the overcommercialization, cliche cartoon nature of them.

Thanks for all your comments lately ... it adds much to the blog.


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