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I'm another fan of La Zucca ... and Shannon and Ruth's great book!
I only recently discovered your blog, and have enjoyed reading through your archives. Thanks!
I should do a La Zucca post. I love that place. I made La Zucca tee-shirts for my (then) 2 year old to wear when we ate there, to the great amusement of the wait staff.



Hi Norman, thanks to good advice I ate well this time in Venice! On Murano Dalla Mora was a gem of a place, frquented by locals and tables right by the canal. La Zucca we saved for our last night and ween't disappointed. That book sounds like a must for the next visit.


Hi Norman,
I'm Italian and I happened to live in Venice for a few years during university. It's always nice to read about this unbelievable place, especially if it's the impressions of a foreigner.
Just a note, the phrase you mention should actually sound like this:
"C'e un posto qui vicino dove si mangia bene e non si spende troppo?"
ah, of course you're right,

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