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Tom Scully

I am part of a 30 person California firefighter and friends group that is headed to Italy in early Octiber and arriving in Venice on October 21.

We are trying to contact someone from the Venice fire department to arrange a meeting and presentation of a memento from the US Fire Service.

Does anyone have a contact in Venice that might be interested in talking about this meeting?

We have sent emails to
[email protected]
to no effect.




Curious to know if you ever found a contact. My husband and my son who are both firefighters in Texas, will be in Venice in November. They were interested in stopping in at the fire station as well.



Hello, hope you could enjoy visiting the fire dept. Venezia at Cafoscare. I ´m lloking for a photo showing the departments station which boat bays should be located under bridge?! Do you could mail me such a photo??? In exchange for? Greetings Thorsten


if still needed i have a contact in the venice fire dept was there this past september great guys lou maywood n.j. fd


I am so excited by reading these messages and finding this site. My boyfriend is a firefighter in Tampa, Florida and as well, in September of this year made a trip to Venice. I did locate that fire department and have become close friends with a couple of the firefighters! They are the most wonderful people I have ever met. If anyone would like to see photos or if you have any questions, please let me know. I was just back in December and was greeted with the same open arms as before.

Fiona Donaldson

This sounds a bit daft but I have been trying to track down the email address for the Fire Brigage in Venice, Florida. The local Government website was unavailable. My son, John, has recently started training for the Strathclyde Fire Service (largest fire service in Scotland)and is interested in communicating with the Fire Service in other countries to compare the difference. As he is only available at the weekend due to training at present, I would be happy to forward any messages.

Kind regards

Fiona Donaldson

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