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Randy Becker

As of about 2 weeks ago, the footings on both sides were almost ready, and one of the support "ribs" was leaning against the FS office building at Ferrovia. That metallic element has integral bracing through a central core thatopens upward to hold the walkway and opens downward to two auxilliary support cores. It is an intriguing piece of art as well as structure.

What is not ready yet is the pedestrian way from the east end of the bridge to the station.

Once opened, this will provide an invaluable link in Venezia - from Piazzale Roma to Ferrovia, connecting the two land forms of transport, without multiple bridges and/or water transport.

As for style - I find the design much more inviting than the Accademia Bridge - grace, not bulk.

I also appreciate that my beloved Venezia sees a future for itself as a vital, organic city, and not simply a museum of the past. The ability to hold two identities in creative tension is what built Venezia over the years, and will serve it well into the future.
I think the bridge design seems like one that will likely be harmonious with the surroundings. The ferrovia is a modern structure as are a number of the other buildings closer to Piazzale Roma. And the design -- from what I've seen -- is not ostentatious or egotistical. It looks rather minimalistic, in fact, a graceful little arc that does its job, e' basta cosi'.

Did they REALLY need the bridge there, I wonder? It's a pain to get to the bus terminal from the train station, and vice versa, I guess. (I always kind of liked the walk, or the excuse to stand at the edge of the pontile and watch the traffic on the Canal as I waited for the vap.. ) The Scalzi is so close by. Oh well. I'm sure there are a thousand and three pages of transcripts from commission hearings on the topic, and I'm sure that the wisdom of the construction was stamped in triplicate.

By the way, if you and Elissa are still in Venice, it would be a great thing if you could email me a picture of the site and the footings. That would be great.


I don't understand - why would one not leave Venice by water? So depressing that end of town, - always signals an ending to me - or a dreaded train strike!
As far as the design, give me stone any day.
Actually, this bridge has SOME Istrian stone (the stuff that much of Venice is built out of) on it somewhere, according to the press materials.


I traveled to Venice with a priest-friend who only has one-eye (lost the other to cancer). What a challenge! He described Venice as the least handicap friendly city. He did find my guidance up and down the bridges a testament to faith. Made me feel good.


I was involved in the dicussion for accessiblity witht HB Group and Mayor Costa and it was agree that the Bridge must be accessible. When was the article above written. How current is your information? SCRehder


Any more updates re the Calatrava Bridge and the accessibilty issues? My presentation on this issue is early december and I will be closing my files before I go to Brazil 27 Nov. I don't know if I will hav access to my email after that. Thanks.

de graaff

please send me the design layout of the venice bridge.thank you.


looking for more info. The bridge is now slated to ber clompleted this spring 2007. want to know cost overruns, accessible design, etc.


It was the perfect excuse to run around the city after dark with a camera...as if you needed one. But this past Tuesday, Our Lady of the Calatrava made her way up the Canal, a sight to behold. Mercy, she is RED.

A beauty, though. I didn't capture the passage nearly as well as I would have liked...put I posted the results on my blog. Enjoy!

Roberto Scano

there is also an on-line petition at http://firmiamo.it/unpontepertutti for ask to the venice major and to the italian president to not promote the bridge opening until all the people (also with disabilies) can go across him.

Umberto Sartori

As a member of Venice Public Health Committee, I followed the public phases of Calatrava bridge construction across their long labour. Detailed reports can be easily found searching "calatrava" keyword in Venice ObServer search: http://venicexplorer.net/observer/index.php.
Within the articles you'll find links to the photographic evidences.
The report about Calatrava Bridge as of October 2008 can be found here:
http://venicexplorer.net/observer/index.php?modulo=view_article&articolo_id=1553 .
English text is linked by a GB Flag right below the cover photo.
Do not miss the commented photo evidences: http://venicexplorer.net/observer/images/calatrava-2008/index.php?hlangs=en .

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Rather actually! Oh well. I'm sure there are a thousand and three pages of transcripts from commission hearings on the topic, and I'm sure that the wisdom of the construction was stamped in triplicate.

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