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Norman -
A few questions as usual -
that blue colored soccer/football player on the wall doesn't seem like he is on a Venetian team - is he?
are you adding a "where's waldo?" element to the website? - I can see the man in the glass shooting the photo, but his face, like the neighbor from Home Improvement, is missing! ha.
Now several non-related questions:
What do you know about modern Venetian writers? Hoping to locate and incorporate a few into my unit on Othello.
I have read a few Donna Leon mysteries - what is the scoop on those in Venice? How are her reviews + or -?
Finally, have you seen any signs of Cipriani's Bellini mix in a can/bottle here in the US? I saw an advertisement in an Italina cooking magazine last summer but can't find it anywhere.
Much thanks as always,
Well, I can answer the last one quickly. In New York, SOHO, at Grand and West Broadway, there's a Cipriani's restaurant. They sell the canned peach juice that they use in the Bellini's there. The only ingredients are champagne and peach juice.
Correction .. prosecco, not champagne, of course.

I was gonna photoshop out my stomach in the mirror, but decided to leave it as an easter egg for the attentive. This pan, by the way, is 4 digital photos strung together. It probably has more visual lies and cheats in it than any other pan I have cobbled together like this. The reason is that when you get close to a subject, as I was to the bar, the distortion factor multiplies exponentially as you move your camera. So I distorted the image, made phony bottles, did perspective skews like a maniac.
Contemporary Venetian writers ... in English ... this is hard. There's Andrea Zanzotto, a Treviso based writer … one of Italy’s best-known poets. Schooled in Venice.

And Tiziano Scarpa, born in Venice, who now lives in Milan. Part of a school called the "cannibals" ... kind of sub-cultural focused. See "Venice Is a Fish" (2000).

People keep raving to me about Donna Leon, but I haven't picked one up yet. They seem to be popular. Not sure how Vewnetians view them. I'm more a non-fiction reader. A very cool Venice focused fictional novel is Jeanette Winterson's "The Passion". Well researched, organically about Venice, nothing gratuitous. Napoleonic era. You'd like it.
I don't recognize the football player, but I think that's an Italian National uniform ... like the World Cup Team.


Much thanks as always!!!
I am reading Salley Vickers "Miss Garnet's Angel" great website to support the novel - cool map of Venice and pictures of Guardi paintings


I believe the football star in see on the left of the photograph is Brazilian football great Ronaldo, who often plays for Italian teams from what I understand. I remember seeing this poster among the other football paraphernalia in that corner of Bar da Gino when I lived at Casa Artom, Wake Forest University's study abroad house next to the Guggenheim. Thanks for the photo by the way, I loved this bar, especially the cappuccino and tramezzini, and the friendly staff. And thanks for the website, it's a wonderful way to get my fill of the Venice that I grew to love so much in my time living there!


Cipriani Bellini Mix
The cheese Shop in Ridgewood, NJ sells the Bellini mix in packs of three in a tube that tells the story of Harry's Bar in Venice.
The Cheese Shop of Ridgewood
134 E Ridgewood Ave.
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"Celebrating our 45th Anniversary"

Brian Martin

Cipriani Bellini mix is available in the states at shopfoodnco.com!

Matt Whitney

It is also available at BIGGourmet.com, they give a 10% discount on a case, it was a great deal.

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The owner of this bar is clearly an avid supporter of Inter Milan. My wife and I visited this bar in January 2012, and we noticed that the walls were adorned with pictures of the owner's favourite. He even went so far as to kit his staff out in uniforms in the same colours as Inter Milan's kit (dark blue and black).

BTW, the bar is still as good in 2012 as it was when you wrote this article (2004).

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