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Progress...you are an optimist. Now if you run this website for ten years. I now know why Venice is timeless!


Is it that its a copy of the Ducal Palace or is it simply in that style? A style I don't recall seeing, except in these two examples, but isn't that the statistics of Venetion architecture? I always read that the basilica (San Marco) is gothic, but it looks not even similar to anything I've yet seen, even in Venice. Same for the Ducal Palace's bacino facing facade, 'gothic' they say. I suppose Barcelona has some facades in similar styling, at least to the La Tre Oci? Anyway, my hat off to the achitect of this echoing of the Ducal Palace and to me, some other stylings that recall the art deco of Barcelona. I like it.
No doubt in my mind. Tre Oci is an architectural quotation of the Palazzo Ducale. Too many coincidences. No doubt other buildings in Venice use some of the "language" that the Palazzo Ducale uses. Ca D'Oro, for example, uses the parapet motif pretty exactly. But Tre Oci plagarizes (in a good way) paragraphs. No place else in the city does that .. not even close. The brick pattern (it's the only case of that, I've read). Parapets. Portholes. Center windows flanked by horns. Window shapes. And it looks right at the Palazzo Ducale. The one departure is the Art Nouveau (Tre Oci was pre-deco) iron balconies, which I love.


yes, facing the Ducal Palace is the pin point of your argument. I blame my dyslexia for mis-typing 'deco'. Tre Oci was built at the height of the Art Nouveau. My two favorite houses in Venice were built in late 19th century. Would have been very interesting if more palazzi had merged the Art Nouveau with the Venetian gothic styles. I'm shocked I haven't seen Tre Oci before. Thanks for featuring it.


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This is one of beautiful place I ever seen. I love Venice since this place bring lots of romantic and historical place. I never visited the house with three eyes, I wish I can see this house.

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