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Norm -
How about sending these to Hollywood? Maybe they'll bring Spidey to Venice? Imagine the webslinger reinacting famous acrobatic feats from the Campanile to the Doge's Palace? I bet photoshop could do quite a bit with that image!
How about an escape from the prisons - Cassanova style? Spidey on the cover of children's book 'The Thief Lord', another great image.
Thanks for curing the North Jersey rain blues,
Hah! Sony is my client, coincidentally.
Moving from Maplewood (North Jersey) to Laguna Niguel CA tomorrow. Ocean view, but 5 hours further from Venice (Italy, that is).


Wow. Thank you Norman. Thank you Venice.

Don Petter

Great site!
Glad to think someone else finds the spider shadows so evocative of Venice. I do regret that they have become less precise and distinctive since the change over from single filament clear bulbs to opaque (energy-saver?) ones a few years ago.


Norman, this is a most exquisite photo. Do you know is it possible to have it professionally printed? I would love to hang it on my wall in Chicago so that I can continue my Venice dreams. One of my fondest memories is a walk through a little street like this at dusk on my way to a concert last September. There were bats -- little ones, flying about. Exquisitely Venice.
See my post today.

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