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I normally wander through Venice with you every few weeks, but I've been in production for an arts festival, so I've had loads of catching up! And there was, back in March, the divine Cafe Rossa!
The first few years of visiting Venice, I stayed in the Rialto, the San Marco and over by Ruga Giuffa. But when I found Dorsaduro...and Campo Santa Margherita, I fell truly in love! This is my favorite place as well, and it really took me back! I haven't been back in two years, but you just increased my yearning by about 250%!! Thanks!
Love the blog! Only one request! Pls. make links open in a new window! I sometime squirrel around for a while, and get too deep to go Back!

jon gregg

do you know any sources of aperol in the u.s.....
everything i've seen so far in a quick web search is u.k
jon gregg------------------------------------------
I've gotten this question before ... I couldn't find a US importer ... it looks like the old importer lost/gave up the license. So I would order from abroad, unless someone else knows of a source.


I just returned from Venice and loved the Spritz with Aperol but have been unable to find it in the US and I've really checked! I've been making the dribk with the Compari and adding orange instead of lemon, but if you find a way to gewt Aperol, please let me know. I actually think it might be made by Compari.


I lived in Venice about 4 years ago and also fell in love with the spritz! My school was in Campo Santa Margherita... I was so lucky. I brought home a bottle of Aperol and a bottle of Select (Campari is easy to find in the States), but I'm out of Aperol and the Select is running very low :( I haven't been able to find either of them in the stores. Has anyone found them online? Aperol, I believe, is made by by Fratelli Barbieri.


Aperol is coming to the US!


what! where is the aperol??
skyy is supposed to be selling it shortly. buy a case!


Aperol is super easy to find in NY!!!!!

The long night has ended.

Viva Skyy!



i think you can get aperol at BevMo (and possibly via the web)

sylvia and vasili


i just can say: you are right. we are from austria, and we just came back from our trip to venice.

it was great everywhere, but in dorsaduro its very special.
the prices are much better and also the typical italian style.

and also the spritz is a very great drink.

so nice regards from austria to usa.


I am here in the Veneto teaching for a month and have fallen in love with the Aperol Spritz...can I find it in the Philly area?


The best spritz is with Bitter Camapari.


I am so glad I came across your blog. I lived in Venice for 2 years. I worked at Quote Mare in Lido and Orange Cafe (right across from Cafe Rosso) in Campo Santa Margherita. The Spritz became a staple for me while I lived there and now I can finally enjoy it back in the States! Seeing your blog reminds me of my home away from home. Thanks!!


you can buy Aperol at Bevmo, I checked online. Thank you for your recipe!!! I will try it soon.



if you are interested in the original receipe:

Greetz Wissmut

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I love Venice for me is the most beautiful in the world, I had the opportunity to visit six months ago and it left me wondering.

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Thom M

Aperol can be found in any liquor store and it has the recipe on the back label for Spritz.

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For those travelling overseas Aperol is now also super easy to find in France, in all NICOLAS retail stores. Spritz Time in Paris!!!

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I couldn't believe it, but they were there best that night. The first few years of visiting Venice, I stayed in the Rialto, the San Marco and over by Ruga Giuffa.

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Almost like paradise. Stepping to the place, you can already feel history.

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