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Venice is perfect in every way. I love it. Four of us went in September 2005 and stayed in an apartment, about 5 mins walk from St.Marks Square. Not the cheapest accommodation but clean and relaxing. We found reasonably priced food, about 4e for sandwich and coffee, at many cafes. We stayed for 7 days and explored different areas each day. The vaporetta is a great and cheap way to get around the other islands. The beach at the Lido is pebbley, but the view out to sea allows you to 'stretch your eyes' after the close-knit streets of Venice. I'm thinking of becoming a guide round the streets. The number of times I was offered 100e to 'just get me out of here!' by folks who hadn't studied the street maps as much as I had. Saying that I'm sure that the official street map isn't quite correct. My challenge is to get my husband there. He is near to getting a passport and hope he will appreciate the history and romance of Venice.


Oh, too weird to realise that I've been on those cams several times by now. . . .


hello, my boyfriend and i are going to venice as a twenty-first birthday present from my parents. we fly on the 20th March and return on the 24th. do you have any advice about the floods as many of the things we have heard/read contrast vastly? also, as this is my first time visiting the city, and my boyfriends first since a school trip a few years ago, do you have any hint/tips about weather/attractions/places to visit? oh, we are staying on the lido- do you have any information about this location in particular? thankyou for help x
Yipes ... I'm a bit slow on the draw, as you are already in Venice. Don't flood fret. It can all be dealt with, and is not likely to spoil a vacation. (Rain, on the other hand ...).

I'm not really a source for generalized travel tips .... say about the Lido. But if you peck thru the blog posts, there is always something to check out on a trip.


Hey - great site. Strange question from yet another architecture student doing a project in Venice with little site information. Any chance that you know where there is some site information on the Giardini? Just looking for levels/contours - ridges, valleys, etc. Thanks - keep doing your thing. Jas.
hmmm .... which Giardini? there are 3 biggies


Hi, does anyone know if the other web cameras are going to be reintstated in St Mark's Square?


Can't wait to hear about the trip, and see all your pictures. Go ahead, make us all homesick! Was it just totally beautiful?
Thanks, again, for doing this site--it is awesome information, and a great way of connecting with others' Venetian experiences and knowledge.
The webcam at the bacino is still stuck.

Ronnie Vincent

Just came across the site, had a great time in Venice back in June. Looking to go back in November for a few days. Anybody give me an idea about weather etc. Not worried about the floods, read all about them on the notice boards (emergency routes etc) Get a 'Vap' card to get around great way to see sights without the hassle.

It's foggy, nippy and windy, often. Rarely freezes, but the wind makes it colder. But it's usually sunny.



I was there in November last year and it was absolutely spectacular! Take layers to stay warm, and enjoy!


Interesting site, but I believe that a number of the webcams are no longer active.


sue kent

Went to Venice on March 22 through April 3, 2007. Have been there many times over last two plus years studying and vacationing. Have stayed at B&B Rota, and the best thing going for it is this:LOCATION!!! Very close to Rialto Bridge and even closer to the ancient fish market, which is a must see. Wonderful little cafe right next door run by 3 young Asian women with cheap capppucino (1.50 euro) compared to just about every other place. Situated among the natives, some of which are very colorful. B&B inexpensive compared to other places. You get what you pay for, and I recommend it!

Venezia Webcams

More Venice webcams on:

Mike Peterson

I think the Ponte Cappello, Sestiere of Castello webcam is back up and working.


Just to let you know, there are two new webcams on the City of Venice site.


I visited Venice in August 2007 and completely fell in love with the place. There is something romantic and mysterious in the air. I took some of the most wonderful photos as a memory but I just cannot get the city out of my mind. It definitely made a lasting impact on me and I plan to visit again late 2008 or 2009.....hopefully this time with a lover! This time I would like to spend more time there and really explore the wonderful corners of Venice. I left my heart in Venice!


i found some night shots of venice streets during a full moons eye used them for screensaver lost my hard drive can not find them again it is of tall buildings ornate, boats moored, streets empty, lights glaring upon adobe type shops and a full moons eye with stars galore & clouds shone through transparent to moonlight, overseeing it all.. they are beautiful, the water way is slick like a wet highway..
please leave a link if you know of them? or others as beautiful l..
thank you ~ jimoerike


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