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john clarke

Yes, I stumbled across the site while looking for info on the convent at Guidecca. I'm really searching for the cheapest possible accomodation for a trip I'm planning in the next couple of months. This site is SO useful that I'll be back for more, no doubt, and recommending it. Love the webcams too.

You want to check out the Youth Hostel on La Giudecca (Ostello, in Italian). Follow this link: http://europeforvisitors.com/venice/articles/venice_hostel.htm


paul garbutt

get the web cam at st marks basin cleaned up

Not sure what you mean. Veniceblog provides links to webcams that other people/organizations host. So I have no way of "cleaning up" a web cam, as such. I'm over 5,000 miles away from the camera.


your site has been extremely informative. I was in Venice recently for La Biennale di Venezia di l'architettura. I have some pictures of the filming of Casanova and was lucky enough to see Health Ledger several times, and once, two ft away. Anyhow, if you would like some pictures of the Biennale let me know. Thx again, I'm actually a graduate architecture student from the Bartlett who's also doing a site in Venice in the Arsenale...
Thanks again, I might also need some information on tidal progression in Venice, if you have any, please feel free to send me some links.
Also, never go to B&B Rota if you're planning to find a good place to stay, it's the worst place ever, and they tried to cheat our money.
-Wendy :)


i am going to venice on 17 december untill 20 th have you any ideas on if it will flood ,i am staying in st marks square .also what is the best way from marco polo airport to st marks at 1700hrs on the 17th would i be best to get a venice card for 3 days . any help would be very welcome thankyou
no way to be sure about the floods... december is sometimes worse, sometimes not. two good ways from airport ... bus to piazzale roma ... cheap ... take a vaporetto from there to your destination. Or look for a large boat to Piazza San Marco ... these run frequently during normal hours. Water Taxi is best at roughly $80-90 .. door to door.

No idea about venicecard.



Just discovered this site and love it! Thought I'd mention (for any who don't already know it) that, on the "Grand Canal, from Palazzo Balbi" webcam, there is a traghetto run right behind the San Toma vaporetto stop so you fairly often see a gondola crossing the canal.

That's right ... I'd forgotten that. I've taken the traghetto there many times.




it's great this site.I booked a trip to Venice between 4-7 of february and I'd like to know where is the best place to start to visit. I have the accomodation in Mestre.
I'd also like to know if it worst to buy venice card eighter blue or orange considering that I'm a jurnalist and I have a press ID.
Great to meet you all. !!!:-)


We are going to be in Venice Easter weekend. Are there any churches which would be particularly 'good' during this time...any processions or other celebrations of note?
Thanks. (Great blog!)


I'm so pleased to have found this site! Can you, or anyone, advise me how to find out what's on at the Fenice and, more importantly, how to book? I can find the Fenice, but no info about productions.

Many thanks,



looking for a place to stay in venice in september that isn't expensive, anyone have any recommendations.
love the site and the great cams ck

Paul Garbutt

Can some one help please.
I,ve been told the birthdate
of venice is the 25th March.

If true I share my birthday with one hell of a place.

Well, why not?

It's said that the date of Venice's founding was March 25, 458. But there are no written histories from that era (or for centuries after that). But Venetians love their lore!

Regardless, there's at least a 1 out of 365 chance it's true.


John Bowman

Venice will allways be my first stop in italy-we spent our honeymoon there in 1949! i was married in villa opicina-trieste italy just about 2 hrs from vinice-my wife yolanda and i left trieste at about 11pm-late start becaue of the after wedding celebration -i was 3 sheets to the wind when we left-but we made it on around 2 am-left the car in garage and were going to walk to hotel-when a lone gondola came by-we took it but yolanda was afraid she was going to fall out so we only went about a block (paid for trip) -what fun and wonderful memories of youth. pace-peace john


Flying to Venice Monday 4/5/2005.Need your help,best place for pasta meals looking at
various web sites fish main food
but I would like to taste "real"
pasta meals,without spending an arm and the odd leg.


Please help me. Made reservation for B&B Rota thru Hostelworld.com. I'm looking for an email for this B&B and can't seem to find one. Is this a good place for the teens to stay?
Any help with this would be great.


i booked B&B rota through hostelworld.com too. and i emailed them with some questions at [email protected] (which hostelworld provided me with) but have not yet to hear from them for a week. anyway is B&B rota ok? because i have read such mixed reviews on it. some raving about it while others totally dissing and advising everyone to steer clear of it. i am rather confused and worried now.


My fiancee and I are planning to elope in Venice in August. We've been told there is a webcam at the place the civil ceremonies are held -- Palazzo Cavilli. I am searching to try to find the webcam so I can watch a ceremony. If you have any knowledge of this please email!



kom lige forbi denneher og tænkte på dig - måske du synes den er interessant - men desværre kan jeg ikke længere finde frem til webcams live ... kærlig hilsen birdie

Francine Rizza

A negitive comment in regard to B&B Rota, Venetizia, Italy just attracted me to your web site. I would like to add my comments also if that is possable.
I stayed at this hotel in:
June, 2005
My ratings for this hotel are:
Okay, but some problemsCleanliness
I traveled to this hotel with: spouse/partner
My visit was for: extended vacation
Would I stay at this location again: no way!
After having previously stayed at this property three years ago we were extremely disappointed this time. The so called "bed and breaky", is no more now than a poor quality hostel and no longer deserves a high rating with hostelworld.com.
We stayed in our overly hot room for eight days. In this time our bed was never made or changed. We had to beg for a clean towel each, and the bin lid was extremely grotty as was the lower shower edges. The bedrooms no longer have large beds or furniture, not even a place on which to place your case.
No one glass or cup was provided in our room from which we could drink.
Breakfast was a stale over dried out croissant and one only cup of coffee provided at the cafe below. No guests were allowed to choose from the current day’s display of pastries.
The kitchen was skimp of crockery, glasses and cups. The stove was quite likely unsafe and difficult to light. No lighter was provided and when asked for assistance the manager answered, without turning front on. He informed me that didn't know how to light the stove, nor did he know if the stove in fact worked. It was made quite clear, in a most rude manner that he had no interest in assisting anyone in anyway. I found it difficult to believe this person is the manager and is in fact Italian. He had no respect for his guests at all!

I would not recommend this hostel to anyone again. It completely spoiled our visit to Venice.
Three years ago we had left this property recommending it to other travellers....how times have changed with new management!
Sincerely, Francine and Giuseppe Rizza, Australia. Email address provided.
p.s I sent a copy of this report to the owner, needless to say no reply. So much for customer care. *Does anyone out there know if there is some authority in Venice that a complaint can be sent to?*
They claim to have won awards for their accommodation! We paid $160.00 Australian dollars per night to stay at this dreadful place! It seems to me this place has earned it's unfortunate reputation. The pictures shown of this slum are relivent to 2002. Very pretty, not at all how it is in 2005!
My email address is [email protected]


In the past, I would book very inexpensive hotels through Alitalia but I have since become more savvy. My favorite website to book my hotel is www.aaahotels.net. The discounts are great and I stayed in wonderful hotels for half the price. My favorite is the Kette--wonderful staff and location. Booking early is always essential to availability but I haven't been disappointed,yet. There, my secret is out--I hope it will still be available to me. Happy hotel hunting.


Hi ,my mum & dad always loved venice , at one point i think they visited 3 years in a row x2 a year!!!3 yrs ago my dad was dying of lung cancer ,when mum we asked my dad where he wanted his ashes scattered he chose venice.we took him to the public park(giardini) which is about 15 min walk from st marks( to the right as you depart the ferry)it was incredibly moving as every time he holidayed in lido etc he & mum would promise themselves that they would visit the park but never did.anyway ,mum& i eventually cleard out what was left of his bank account & took us & his grandchildren to the park in venice.we walked past all the biz in the main centre,out to the quiet normality of the residential area next to the garden .it was not unlike a glasow tenament with washing hanging out on lines .real authentic area that my dad would have loved & scatterd his remains around the fountain &statue of garibaldi .we sat & had a quiet moment.it was a beautiful day in may & we noticed a sign in italian at the railings.when we returned to the hotel in lido ,the owner was good enough to translate the sign as we had explained the purpose of our visit to him .as her read the napkin on which we had written the words from the sign he began to smirk, then grin and finally laughed out loud .he explained that the sign was a warning not to litter the park!!!!!!

i would recommend you depart the ferry & walk minutes along the front till you get to the garden .it is peaceful,incredibly quiet apart from local kids playing games & women shouting at them for getting the washing dity.
careful you dont litter tho!!


Hello. I was in Venice recently and I loved it!!! I was all over Italy infact, but Venice was my absolute favorite!!! While i was there I tried to get a picture of the UPS boat that comes in but i missed it. Does anyone happen to have a picture they'd be willing to share?



It seems like the website for the city of Venice removed their webcams. Any suggestions on where to go to get the webcams in Piazza San Marco?


I think the website is undergoing some kind of upgrade so hopefully this is temporary

Word is that the site was hacked and that's what shut it down. Have not confirmed it, though.


I've check other websites with access to the same webcams and those are also down. The only views available are the Rialto Bridge and view from the S.Toma vaporetto stop. How disappointing.


there is a streaming video on the Ca Maria Adele hotel website.


Norman: Your 360 of the Piazza San Marco is fabulous. But the camera does lie. Somehow all the detritus of 24/7/365 wear and tear has disappeared and been replaced by this glowing romanticized vision. Thank you for a great photo!
Since the Piazza webcam has been unavailable for a while I am surprised to see that the construction walls around the Clocktower have been removed. Could it be that the work on the Clocktower has been completed?
Actually, I must have gotten there after the cleaning crew, because (unlike I often do) I didn't retouch any garbage out.

The clock is due to be finished soon. Let me look into it. Perhaps the blessed event has occured at last.

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