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Norman -
Do you have any sources or know of any good websites on Venice and Byzantium? I am taking a class at Drew U. on Byzantium and want to do some research related to both. Perhaps even art/architecture based?
As always,
Web sites on Venice and Byzantium, no. But look at John Julius Norwich's History of Byzantium and History of Venice (two different books). You can browse them online at Amazon (if you are registered at Amazon). Amazon is an amazing search tool. The full text of hundreds of thousands of books is now on-line. So you can enter a search term like :venice and Byzantium" and read full text citations ... in .pdf format. It takes a little tweaking, but it is possible to find books, like Norwich's, and search for terms within them. Really a revolution.

Diana Wright

The mother of all web sites on Byzantium is:


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