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Great post!

Who are current Venetian musicians/writers?

Not sure about writers of current vintage. I don't do much novel/book reading in Italian. Oliver Skardy and Pittura Freska, which I wrote about earlier are fine reggae musicians from Venezia.


It's even more apparent in the summer, when every store has their doors open(unless they've all gotten AC since I was last there in '98). I still remember the Radio Venezia Sound and Radio Mestre jingles... Techno music brings back 'sogni di Venezia' for me even quicker than 'La Biondina in Gondoleta', it was the constant soundtrack of my Venetian life. I'm a big fan of Pitura, wish I could get their albums on CD. Currently I just have them on tape since my sole music source in my Venice days was a tape walkman. Any Italian web music stores ship to the USA? I remember singing along to 'Pin Floi' with a roomful of Venetians at a karaoke bar in Castello circa '93...
Pittura Freska has a web site (google it). Skandy is on his own now, alas.


Great site. Too bad the band broke up - I could have gone to see them live in Treviso in '95 but didn't jump on it, alas... I checked Amazon.com for Pitura CDs and they actually have them all listed-guess what's going on my wish list, haha...
From my window on la Giudecca, used to be able to hear the sax player practicing during the lunch break.

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