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This is great research - what is your source?

Ralph in colorado

Great remarks and analysis. Where is the man with a nosebleed?
Thanks, Ralph


Yours is the only site up to now where I could find the reference (Luke, V) of the new title Veronese gave to his fresco. Thanks!
You're welcome. This post is referred to constantly from folks who come in from search engines. I tried to make the best info source possible for those with a scholarly bent, as well as those who just wanted an entertaining story.


James Hazelton

There is a series of paintings by Veronese I saw in the museum on Torcello last month. Since then I have seen the model used for Christine in a number of other paintings by Veronese. Does anybody have any information about her? (It does make a Vernonese easy to pick out of the crowd.)

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A good reinterpretation of what have done in the past.

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