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About the robbery in Palazzo Loredan--I'm so sorry for the Gaggias. I've been fortunate enough to rent apartments in that palazzo. It's a wonderful place with great views onto either the Grand Canal or a private garden. Great neighborhood, too. The members of the Gaggia family that I've been in contact with are among the nicest people (Venetian natives) you could ever hope to meet. I'm a mystery writer, so I have lots of theories buzzing around my brain, but nothing that faintly resembles reality!

I hope the polizia catch the crooks--and soon.
Are these Gaggias the coffee scions? As in Gran Gaggia coffeemakers?

I've long thought a robbery of a Grand Canal palazzo would be a piece of cake if one were to use a boat for the getaway. The Grand Canal is a lonely place early in the dark morning hours. I can remember many times sitting on the pontile, totally alone, waiting for a vaporetto with the Canale completely without boat traffic for 10, 15 minutes at a stretch.

I have an alibi, however, so let's not get any ideas.


Alan Elliott

My wife and I had a wonderful week at Da Ivano pensione and many great meals at Ivano's restaurant in October 2003. We know Ivano would be a wonderful help. This is a top part of Venice so don't be worried about slipping into the canal. The chances must be unbelievable.

Alan and Jan Elliott
Sydney, Australia

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