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Norman -
I have a four day weekend in November for teacher's convention and discovered it is cheaper to spend a 4 day weekend (for two)in Venice, Italy than at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Can you give me an idea what Venice is like in early Nov. Of course I would like to see this Turner exhibit, but do I need to stay in a hotel with a restaurant, need to bring boots for the Aqua Alta, sweaters, sweat shirts hotels with good heat? etc.
"Help me Obi-Wan, you're my only hope!"
(Couldn't resist)

It's often sweater or jacket weather in November. Lots of fog especially in the AM. Wonderfully mysterious in the fog ... not a problem. Crisp sunshine, too ... it's not all gloom. You might get rain, but, hey, you live in New Jersey ... you've been rained on before.

It's true that aqua alta happens more often in November, but it's no big deal. Bring light boots if that worries you, thought the passarelle (the above ground wooden sidewalks) make the city accessible even when it is floody.

No need to worry about services like restaurants being hard to find in November ... so no need to stay at a hotel with a restaurant.

My suggestion is to rent an apartment for a week ... I have a friend on La Giudecca who has a line on numerous cool places. (It might work for a 4 day weekend, too ... write me at my email address brancamenta@hotmail.com and I'll give you contact info, if you want it. Cheaper than a hotel, and more like an abitanto than a turista. A couple of the places are really cool ... they cost a little more .. but less than a NYC hotel room.

Bottom line, Venice is very much alive in November .... bonus: MANY fewer tourists.

Paul Garbutt

Whats wrong with us tourist,s my wife and I are coming twice next year,and we are introducing our daughter to the beautifull city.

Oh, tourists are great. Economically vital. Venice is the world's city. Come one, come all.

But fewer tourists (you and me, excluded, of course) makes it more enjoyable to visit. Fewer lines. The calles are not so packed that you need to shuffle, rather than walk. You can actually enter the Basilica. Hotels have rooms. Restaurants have tables. Venice becomes more Venetian, since the percentage of non-locals is smaller.

Tourists are not a scourge. But over-touristing is.

Peter Jeffery

Visiting Venice from Nov 6th until Nov 11th.
Just seen the pictures of the flooding, should we be worried ??
Will pack waterproofs etc.
We are hiring a car, is it best to park near or come in by bus etc?
Any useful tips will be appreciated.
RE: Cheap trip on a Gondola !!??

I'm not much of a travel advisor, but here goes:

Don't worry about the floods. They rarely envelop the entire city, and when they do, it doesn't last that long. There are exceptions to the rule, naturally, but generally speaking you'll be fine. Pack boots if you are worried.

Park at the Tronchetto ... an island right outside the historic center of Venice. It's after the long bridge that takes you to Venice (Ponte della Liberta').

Cheap gpndola? Prices are fixed for a real gondola ride. But for a short, fun, cheap gondola experience, look for a traghetto ... a ferry across the Grand Canal. You cross standing up, pay about a Euro, and the whole thing lasts about a minute or two.

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