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Norman -
Much thanks. Keep 'em coming. I enjoyed the history and the background to the process.
If I can dig out my pictures from several years back, I will scan a shot of a picture I took from this neighborhood. The reflection off the vaporetto stop is that of the Salute.

One question for you - is it true that the neighboorhood behind the Acc. is mostly American?

Answer from Norman:
Not so far as I know. There's not much going on period behind the Accademia ... there's Calle Larga Pisani, and that's about it ... everything else is a feeder calle to Le Zattere or the Rio di San Trovaso.



Norman -

I went to the lecture on Venice and the Grand Tour last week and saw the Canaletto's Stonemason's yard which has this "old image." How many times I've seen that picture in an art book and never realized what I was looking at the Acc.
The lecture was a fantastic piece on Venice, but little to do with the Grand Tour.

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